Learning by doing. You can get lots of unique experiences after you just trying.

You studied in Life-Science for your bachelor degree. How would you combine your IMBA studying with what you have learned previously?

I can have lots of advantages with the biology background. Having more knowledge in the specific field like the biology and the material science, I can take a look about the cutting edge technic. I can combine these two fields to evaluate whether the company's future is bright or not.

You are particularly interested in HR field and you invented your own set. So can you talk about it for a little bit like how it works?

I designed a table game in my first year in the IMBA because I noticed there are lots of people being very nervous when having the interview.So I want to use an  interesting way for them to improve their ability to answer the common questions in the interview. I think the table game is an excellent tool that you can just improve your ability by very casual ways. While playing the board game with others, you can  practice how to share your idea. This can not only benifit the interviewees but also the interviewers. They can detect what kind of personality the candidate have by the board game.

Can you share your mottos with us?

"Learning by doing." I believe that you can get lots of unique experiences after you just trying.
I want to be a consultant in the future. So I had my internship in a consultant firm to learn what it is actually like to being a consultant. I learned lots of experiences that is outside the classroom and there are too many details, if you didn’t get into the firm then you can not get those kind of experiences or knowledge. So I think "Learning by doing" is one of the best way for me to try the new things.