Student Voices


Student Voices

As a member of NTHU IMBA program, academic striving and capability improvement doesn’t stop at the classroom door. By educating in a world-class university, experiencing the Taiwan-influenced Asian culture, and exchanging viewpoints and ideas with classmates from all over the world, they are not only enriching the life of two-year MBA studies but also evolving minds and thoughts. It resonates with many of our IMBA graduates indeed.
To learn more about IMBA and life at National Tsing Hua University, let’s hear our student’s voice.

Antony Tsao

IMBA22' / Taiwan

Hank Lin

IMBA22' / Taiwan


IMBA22' / Vietnam

Christine Chon

IMBA21' / Korea

Ni Luh Dea

IMBA21' / Indonesia

Fam Thanattha Manmhan

IMBA21' / Thailand