IMBA is an interdisciplinary program which aims to discover extraordinary students in diverse areas by looking beyond grades.

So as a person from Taiwan, would you recommend Taiwanese to come to this course?

Yes, I will recommend students from Taiwan to study in IMBA in Tsing Hua University. I think there are so many opportunities and resources provided by NTHU. For example, the interdisciplinary program which aims to discover the extraordinary students in diverse areas by looking beyond grades. For me, after finishing the required courses form IMBA, I started to take some courses of data science from other department and that is really an eye-opening course and experience for me.

Can you talk about your intern in Honestbee?

I had the intern in Honestbee last year. Honestbee is a company which serves the food delivery, same as food panda and the uber-eats. I learned that you must have to have the active attitude not only to your study but also to your job. Through the unlimited phone interviews to develop unfamiliar potential partners and arranging face to face interview with the lots of restaurant owners, I got the 35 contracts during my intern there, and it is about 20 percent of the total number of the restaurants' contracts in the whole Hsinchu district.

How has learning in the IMBA courses helped in the intern?

The courses in IMBA has helped me on the data analysis and making the decision from this. For example, the data from where I have my intern shows that  the price of per order in Chupei is higher than in Hsinchu City, but the orders are not as much as Hsinchu. Therefore, the manager made all the sales promoting on the restaurants in Chupei. We focus on making more contracts with them. I think that is a good example for the data analysis and the data decision.

What is the skill that you learned from here, which helps you a lot in the future?

I think the personal relationship skill will help you a lot no matter now or in the future. When I had my intern in Honestbee, I always keep in touch with the restaurant owners and get well along with them. They even invite me to their year end party and recommend me to have the contracts with other restaurants. This  makes me to get more achievement on the KPI and also get more opportunities. I think this is the must-need attitude for everyone and this will bring you plenty of opportunities and lead you to the successful road in the future.