Sammi Yien Lu


You met new people. You learn new things. And you will be amazed by yourself.

You studied in the leisure industry and health promotion for you bachelor degree. Why did you choose IMBA as your master choice?

I selected NTHU IMBA program as my master degree because the first of all, it is the international environment that I can get along with all the different countries’ students from Asia, Europe, USA, or Central America. A cross-cultural surrounding to interact with people. And the second is that my bachelor degree only had a very basic at leisure industry, so taking MBA courses can have a broader vision of business backgrounds.

Are there any difficulties as crossing different professions for learning?

Well, I think it depends. But of course, you have some borders to cross. But once you get abilities to immerse into the courses, and also getting help from the professors. Or the students that are in the same situation as you. I think you can have a better adjustment afterwards.

What will your suggestions be for if there are people who want to apply for the IMBA program?

First of all, I think you can do a little survey about the environment and also the surroundings since it’s probably the first time you have been to Asia or Taiwan. And second, you can have a quick study about the courses, because NTHU got different course models, and you can have plenty of the choices of which course to take. And the third probably is the alumni, because getting a good connection with the alumni is definitely easier for you to immerse into the environment and also the school campus life And so does Taiwanese students. And after all the things that you were done , I think you can have better opportunities to broaden your horizon.

What do you think is the must-need attitude to study in IMBA?

For the foreign students, I would definitely say that being open-minded, full of curiosity and grab every chance to try everything. Because once you are immersing to Taiwan, you will definitely love here. And for the Taiwanese students, I also encourage them to being very confident and also open-minded, because once you have these chances to interact with different people; you definitely have to grab it.