TSMC Building College of Technology Management

With a mind of cultivating the future generations of managerial talents and establishing the first science and technology management college in the nation, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, also known as TSMC, donated to the National Tsing Hua University for assisting the construction of a new building for the newly found college. The conceptual design of the building was initiated in 2000; the physical construction was started in 2004 and completed in October of 2006. Among the total project of 500 million (in Taiwanese Dollars), TSMC education foundation donated 180 million. The Chairman of the Foundation, Dr. F. C. Tseng, also donated $15 million personally to renovate the "Sun Yun-Suan Lecture Hall" in the building. To express sincere gratitude for the generous donation, the university officially named the building as TSMC Building.

As part of the College of Technology Management, the majority of the IMBA courses are taught in the TSMC building, where the students would spend their time in lecture halls, student lounges, study rooms, discussion areas, coffee shop, and even laboratory equipped with Bloomberg Terminal!


In the earlier days, there were two popular buzzwords in Tsing Hua University, “bullfighting” and “mining.” The former means one-on-one half-court basketball playing or competition. The latter means studying or learning new knowledge in the library like the miners digging treasures in the mine. Up until today, these two buzzwords are remaining as a popular topic among Tsing Hua graduates, which reflects the tradition of Tsing Hua, attaching importance to sports and library resources.

From Beijing to Hsinchu, the libraries are always treated as a high priority in school development in the past 100 years history of Tsing Hua University. One generation after one generation, all our libraries have been accompanying our faculties and students for their knowledge mining and friendships building for more than one century.

After 12 years of planning, construction and interior decoration, “Marconix Building”, the new university main library opened on April 11, 2013. Looks like a computer mouse with an open book, the new library building is located next to the lawn at the north school entrance, and it is one of the landmarks of the university.