Sandra Lucrecia Guerra Batres


Studying in IMBA definitely has made me more flexible, in terms of accepting many different circumstances.

So you have work for a while before at law firms. Why did you choose to come back for study?

I choose to come back to study for a main reason, and that was because I was working as a lawyer. I understood that I need some skills regarding business management and administration, in order to be more accurate on my judgement on the cases I received. Especially on my last job when I was a contract manager. Most of the jobs that I did was not law related, but was more manage related. So I thought it was a good thing to combine law with management. At the end, both of them complement each other.

How has the experience of your working in law firm helped IMBA learning?

Well, definitely it helped me in a practical way. I was already prepared to be under pressure and work with a due time, and also to just be ready to speak appropriately. So I had a lot of skills already set that made my process in the IMBA program easier.

And how do you think the past two years in IMBA has changed you in any way?

It definitely has made me more flexible, in terms of accepting many different circumstances. Just being able to study in a different country and have different culture, has helped me to be more understanding of others and others’ needs, and not only my owns. And as in professional, it has allowed me to expand my skills as a lawyer, and also to understand better how the technology works in IMBA. There are many issues that I never thought really exist on companies until I came here and study and then realize that there are real problems that I never thought about before.

How do you think IMBA can help everyone in the matter of life-time career?

There are many courses here that will help you develop understanding of business problems that you didn’t know before and that will give you an advantage in the world place. For example, courses I took like project management, or R&D that actually expanded my knowledge about business and business needs. And I think that will be very useful in my professional life, in my career.