Hector Salvador Mendoza Carrillo


IMBA in NTHU gives you the opportunity, open doors to you to valuable experiences that complement what you learn in the classroom.

Tell us why did you choose the IMBA at Tsing Hua University in the first place?

NTHU is the top university, has a good rating and world ranking, and also is the No. 2 in Taiwan. Besides that, I get the IMBA in NTHU is not the typical MBA. Because it gives you two important things. The first one is that the access to international network because in my class I have sixteen different nationalities. Each one of them has different ways of thinking, different ways of approach of business challenges. And the second thing is technology approach. Since NTHU is the school of shapes of engineers in Taiwan, I can say that NTHU excels some science and technology. So while studying in IMBA, I have the opportunity to learn many courses from the technology use, and also the transformation.

So, you studied industrial engineering for bachelor degree. How do you think you are going to implement to two things between the industrial engineering and the things you learned in IMBA?

Before coming to Taiwan, my experience was related to the technology. So I decided to boost my career by getting more managerial skills to compliment my profession. I have the technical part and also I have the managerial skills. Now these two skills can make complemental to make me more into the professional, and make decisions in the ethical way.

Now you are one of the alumni of us, how would you encourage our new students and current students?

I have to tell them that coming to NTHU and studying in IMBA gives them great opportunities, because they will have the chance to meet people from five different continents, and also have opportunities to be grow their network. Not only that, they have the access to the faculty of top level of professional and will give you all the tools that more updated tools to deal with the business challenge or other. And finally the education is not only inside the classroom. The most important thing is outside classroom since you arrive to Taiwan. When you come to Taiwan, you will find that is a rich culture in Asia, and also in culture. So from the first time you come here, you start learning. And also I can tell them that not only staying what you learn inside the classroom. Be active, stay curious, and be social. That’s most important take away of this IMBA: have the opportunity to network with IMBA pronoun from different universities in Taiwan is also a good opportunity that IMBA gives you.

“I left away my comfort zone fifteen thousands kilometres away to embrace this new culture, this new challenges in the other side of the world. And I am here. So, just do it.”