Dieu Linh Do


Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.

Reflecting on her journey studying in the IMBA program at the National Tsinghua University has been incredibly inspiring. With a background in electronics procurement and logistics, she sought to broaden her career horizons. Without any doubt, the IMBA course at NTHU was an obvious choice. She was convinced by the program’s rich-profiled professors, a strong alumni network, prestigious credentials, and a technology-oriented curriculum, which is aligned with the evolution of business.

As an IMBA student, she feels most at home when she's contributing to the student council. Working alongside her peers to organize events and foster their faculty's vibrant culture fills her with pride. From their lively picnics to the memorable year-end party, these moments of connection are what make the IMBA experience truly special.

The highlight of her IMBA journey undoubtedly also lies in her involvement with the work of the student council. Through this role, she's learned valuable lessons in discipline, leadership, and creativity. Additionally, participating in enriching activities such as field trips, startup projects, and speaker lectures has broadened her perspective and honed her skills.

Her IMBA experience has opened doors to an exciting internship opportunity at Chunghwa Telecom, one of Taiwan's most esteemed companies. Here, she's had the privilege of immersing herself in Taiwan's unique working styles and culture, gaining valuable insights into what drives the country's productivity and success. This marks her first foray into international work, leaving an indelible impression and providing her with cherished memories.

As she approaches the end of her journey here, she's fueled by the belief that 'ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness'. This ethos of hard work and persistence has guided her through enriching experiences, and now she's poised to make a meaningful impact in the professional arena. Whether it's in strategic management, international business development, or corporate leadership, she's excited to embark on this next chapter with confidence and enthusiasm.