Wantip Susub


If you can do it today, why wait for tomorrow.

At IMBA NTHU, Wantip is immersed in a conducive learning environment where professors cater to individual needs and classmates from diverse backgrounds offer valuable support. The international atmosphere enriches her experience, providing opportunities to learn about different cultures and work effectively in a global context. Wantip recognizes the significance of these interactions for her future career, where adaptability and cross-cultural collaboration are paramount. By embracing diversity and cultivating a global mindset, she prepares herself to excel in an interconnected business landscape, equipped with the skills and insights gained from her IMBA journey at NTHU.

During her studies, Wantip served on the student council, contributing to organizing events like the IMBA Christmas party. Engaging in such activities, she learned the value of collaboration across multiple parties to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. For Wantip, this hands-on involvement beyond classroom studies was the highlight of her IMBA experience. It not only added a fun dimension but also honed her teamwork and organizational skills, preparing her for real-world challenges in her future career.

Thanks to all the things she learnt from IMBA, both in-class and out-of-class, she plans to leverage he knowledge and skills to advance her career in business and technology management. She aims to pursue opportunities where she can drive organizational growth and transformation. Whether leading strategic initiatives, navigating complex market dynamics, or spearheading technology-driven solutions, she will utilize the insights and skills gained from her IMBA program to make meaningful contributions to the success of her future endeavors. Additionally, she aspires to take on leadership roles where she can continue learning, adapting, and innovating in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Wantip's motto, "if you can do it today, why wait for tomorrow," encapsulates her proactive and forward-thinking approach to life. This mindset serves as a driving force to pursue her goals with enthusiasm and diligence, maximizing her potential and making the most out of every opportunity that comes her way. By embracing this motto, Wantip embodies a mindset of initiative, productivity, and readiness to tackle challenges head-on, ensuring that she lives each day to its fullest potential.