Grace Chen


Pave your path with purpose, embrace every opportunity with enthusiasm.

Grace is from Taiwan and is currently interning at Microsoft Taiwan. Her professional journey, starting with E.SUN Bank and Deloitte, has evolved through deliberate efforts to lay a solid foundation for her career. Her decision to enroll in the IMBA program was driven by the objective to enhance her academic credentials with the experience of learning in an international environment—an invaluable asset in today's globalized business landscape.

Grace lives by a simple yet profound motto: "Pave your path with purpose, embrace every opportunity with enthusiasm." This reflects her journey—an amalgamation of ambition, diligence, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Being part of the IMBA program is a point of pride for Grace, significantly enhancing her resume. It signals to the world, especially to prospective employers, that she is a talent equipped with a global perspective, an indispensable asset to any team, whether in local firms or multinational corporations. This was exemplified during her internship at Microsoft, where her supervisor commended her exceptional academic and professional background as a key factor in her selection, highlighting how such credentials can ease one's professional journey.

The highlight of Grace's IMBA experience was the opportunity to connect with peers from around the globe. These interactions were more than mere networking; they were a doorway to understanding diverse cultures, stories, and thought processes, enriching Grace's perspective and appreciation for the global business environment.

Looking forward, Grace aims to ascend to significant roles within the finance sector, such as a management associate or product manager. For her, the IMBA degree is not merely an academic achievement but a cornerstone that bolsters her confidence and positions her as a prime candidate in the competitive landscape of her chosen career field. Grace's journey, marked by strategic decisions and a global outlook, embodies the essence of ambition and the continuous pursuit of excellence in the corporate realm.