Mei Wen Wang


Do your best, let go of the rest.

Mei-Wen obtained her bachelor's degree from National Chengchi University in Taiwan, where she pursued a double major in diplomacy and history. Intrigued by the international marketplace, she launched her career in Vietnam's textile industry. Despite initial challenges, her years as an expatriate fueled a keen interest in the global supply chain, especially amidst the pandemic's impact on the industry. This experience spurred her ongoing pursuit of self-improvement and a deeper understanding of international markets. To bridge perceived knowledge gaps accumulated over years of work, Mei-Wen is committed to advancing her education and professional development.

After thorough consideration of various international programs, she chose the National Tsing Hua University International MBA for its strategic location and strong ties to the thriving technology sector at Hsinchu Science Park. NTHU offers a comprehensive selection of more technologically oriented courses that not only provide a robust academic foundation but also present opportunities to connect with a diverse and accomplished community. This opportunity allows her to delve into and actively engage with the industry, fostering exploration and networking.

As Mei-Wen begins her IMBA journey at NTHU, she discovers an unforgettable chapter. Diverse voices blend into a tight-knit community that extends beyond academics. NTHU IMBA becomes a supportive haven, nurturing mutual support and collective growth. Recent graduates bring creativity and energy, while seasoned professionals from various industries lead with wisdom and work ethic. Together, they craft a narrative of growth and self-discovery, making the IMBA experience at NTHU truly remarkable.

The highlight of Mei-Wen's IMBA journey is being the President of the Student Council at NTHU IMBA. This unique role becomes her arena for developing communication skills, leadership, resilience, and perseverance. Leading a diverse team, Mei-Wen embraces each day as a chance to evolve into a better version of herself. The journey is a collective one, marked by trial and error, as they continuously strive to create platforms for IMBA students to connect and forge lasting memories. Equally valuable is the opportunity to deepen bonds with professors, peers, and other IMBA/GMBA programs through collaboration. Mei-Wen navigates this multifaceted experience where leadership, friendship, and academic connections converge into a captivating chapter in her IMBA journey.

The saying, "You will not plant the seed and eat the fruit on the same day," subtly guides Mei-Wen to move forward. This insight is a gentle reminder to be patient, acknowledging that things take time. Mei-Wen embraces the philosophy of giving her best every day, savoring the ordinary moment, seeing it as extraordinary, and leaving the rest to time.