Sophia Chang


Never try, never know.

Sophia Chang, a Taiwanese, was raised in a business family, has a Bachler degree in art, is used to working in an art action company, worked as a group leader at an English cram school, and has both national Mandarin and English tour leader and tour guide licenses. She is now pursuing an IMBA at NTHU and works as an intern at ASML.

The story starts with her personality; Sophia loves to explore new things and is willing to face new challenges, as you can see in her brief introduction above. Also, she is a planning but flexible person; she knows her limitations and possibilities; therefore, she won’t miss any opportunities to learn. Even though there’s a gap between the art industry and the semiconductor industry, she still tried her best to reach her goal and prepared everything in advance.
Sophia has shown a high interest in management since her sophomore year; she has taken over the courses and had an internship in an art gallery and museum. She was one of the few students willing to take arts management courses and complete the course at that time. This effort helped her to work for an art auction company right after her graduation, and after working for an art auction company, Sophia realized that she was quite curious about the prices of the auction market and how to manage and estimate them; sometimes even the hammer price would be higher than what they expected. When COVID-19 came, she started planning to pursue an MBA, hoping to explore a new area. That’s why she is now a senior at IMBA.

NTHU IMBA provides a diverse and creative environment that also belongs to the Technology Management department. Around 80% of foreign students join IMBA each year. Through this inspiring learning environment, Sophia not only gained knowledge but also learned how to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. During her studies at IMBA, Sophia tried to convert the knowledge she had learned into practical abilities; an internship would be one of her choices. Based on her training and learning process, she got prepared and attended ASML as a yearly intern. This precious opportunity provided her with the opportunity to explore the real world. Working and learning at the same time would be tiring, but it was a good time for her to know the limitations and how to improve in the future!

This journey is still moving forward, and beside her strong faith in Christ to support her, there’s an inspired sentence that can encourage anyone who feels afraid to take a challenge: “Never try, never know”, Maybe we won’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know your capability.