Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

I was born and raised in Japan. I have always loved animals since I was a child, and after graduating from high school, I entered a veterinary university. I studied essential veterinary medicine, animal biochemistry, animal pathology, public health, etc., and finally got a license as a Veterinary nurse. After graduating from university, I used my knowledge of veterinary medicine to work as a medical representative at AstraZeneca K.K. I deepened my understanding of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and respiratory organs and provided information on pharmaceuticals to doctors and medical professionals.

I also worked at Covance Japan for five years, where I collected data on cases of investigational drugs which were administered, managed the progress of the trials, and monitored whether the protocol was conducting the trials and whether there were any deviations. I also trained junior staff online in the basics of being a document manager. I was selected as one of the two members of the Japanese team to launch a new document management system, working with the global database team to create an operation manual.

However, since I had only studied and worked in Japan, I began to think that I would like to have the opportunity to learn in a foreign country and a highly diverse environment. I chose Taiwan because I like Taiwan’s culture and background that would suit me. I also decided to join the IMBA at NTHU because of its high diversity of students who come from various countries. Of the 30 or so students in my class, about 80% are from overseas, so I can study in a more international environment than at other universities in Taiwan.

After graduation, I would like to return to my home country and start my own small business. To achieve this goal, I would like to learn the basics knowledge of the business at IMBA and at the same time acquire an international perspective, and also learn Chinese in order to conduct business more smoothly.