Luyandza Sandziselwe Dlamini


NTHU IMBA is a great stepping stone towards unleashing your full potential in the ever so complex and evolving business world.

Hailing from the Kingdom of Eswatini, Luyandza is a student who found her way to NTHU IMBA with the aim to broaden her understanding of the marriage between business and technology. This was especially with the aim to equip herself with knowledge on how to create fertile ground for tech products/services to flourish in new markets. Being that Africa’s technology scene has been growing rapidly in the last few years, such managerial skills and understanding become vital. Having said that, she believes that doing an International MBA at NTHU has been the perfect choice for her as it has lived up to even beyond expectations. An example she uses to articulate this is her experience in the Technology Management course, where besides learning about how to market tech breakthrough innovations, her reserved nature was challenged as well. This is attributed to the fact that participation and discussion were the tune for every single lecture - and the same can be said about most of her other courses as well. She essentially believes that the IMBA curriculum in its holistic form, goes beyond teaching what’s in the book, it also helps bring out the businessman within oneself.

Luyandza says IMBA’s diversity is what makes her feel like a true IMBAer as it literally emerges her into an international business learning environment. “IMBA is a culturally rich environment where every single individual’s differences are genuinely celebrated. That allows each one of us to be ourselves and thereby allowing us to learn a lot from each other. Our classroom environment is so diverse that we all jokingly call it a mini United Nations”, she says. She also enjoys her everyday experiences on the campus: “We have a campus that boasts with nature, our lake view is such a calm on those stressful days. We have a library that never ceases to amaze with how well-equipped it is. I also really appreciate the architecture and design of the TSMC building. It the kind of environment that makes you realize your potential and encourages you to be professional from the moment you step into it.” Luyandza says that the IMBA program has been a great building block for her towards realizing her future plans and dreams. She certainly looks forward to her journey ahead.