Sean Lin


Flexibility, Challenging, Diversity.

Why did you choose the NTHU IMBA?

NTHU is well-known for its abundant resources and outstanding alumni in the field of technology industry. As a result, the IMBA program in NTHU is the best choice for me considering my career goal of being an business analyst in an international technology enterprise. The specialty and flexibility of the program provide students with different career paths. In addition, most of the courses have integrated the element of “Technology”. This ensures that students studying in NTHU IMBA possess more technical knowledge and expertise in all kinds of specialties such as business, finance, or law etc.


What has been the highlight of your IMBA experience?

One of the things I was more eager to experience at the IMBA was the opportunity to establish the foundation and be the first president of NTHU IMBA Student Council. Throughout the 1 years of my term of service, I have led the team and collaborated with people from different cultures and nationalities to conduct IMBA’s most essential annual feast and built a long-standing relationship with NTU GMBA & NCCU IMBA, two of the top business business schools in Taiwan. Since I am pursuing an MBA degree, such experience was a valuable complement for me in the aspect of leadership and business-oriented learning which is something we can’t definitely absorb from lectures.


How are you planning to use your degree for your future career?

The degree has been beneficial ! With the courses provided and external resources in our program, I was able to work on practical projects with startups and attend several workshops related to the topic of business analytics which is related to my career goal. Apart from that, the connections from my professor has played an important role for my career development, which he introduced to professionals and alumni to me in order to seek job opportunities.