Wojciech Mierzynski


IMBA is a unique program that combines business management fundamentals with a strong focus on technology, globalization, and information management.

I have been able to increase my educational and professional qualifications by living in four different countries. Benefiting from the open borders in the EU, I studied Business Administration in Germany, and I had two semesters of exchanges in Portugal and Romania. For my next career step, I decided to immerse myself in the vibrant high-tech industry in Berlin. I worked at one of the pioneers of BPM software and, then, for a new generation media company concentrating on the social media platforms and network of content creators. There, I was responsible for the finance & controlling operations of the company’s subsidiaries in Italy, France, and Spain. These experiences have given me a sense of living in the globalized and technology-advancing world and allowed me to develop a passion for a deeper understanding of how these changes affect business.

Additionally, I have learned about the importance of information, and more precisely, intelligent data management in the modern world. As a result, for my master's studies, I aimed to further develop not only my management skills but also to become better acquainted with the branch of data science. IMBA program offers a broad range of great data science courses which together with the focus on technology management convinced me to apply to NTHU.

Another two important aspects that I love about the IMBA program are the class size and diversity. The average class size of 35 people makes relationships with professors and peers engaging and personal. What is more, our class is composed of students who came here from all over the world. Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives allow us to experience globalization first-hand, broaden our horizons, and enrich us.