Mohammad Farhan Alkaff


Here, you'll grasp the best combo of strategic business management, technological advancement, and global networks.

As I grew professionally within the field of consumer insights for the past 7+ years, especially in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, I believe we have to apprehend not only the knowledge of consumer insights mining but also getting the end to end comprehension of strategic business management. However, my mind is tickled on how to adequately immerse and transform business management by utilizing the influx of technology & information updates nowadays. Most practitioners settled their approach on understanding consumers and business just as an object of the industry that they need to tackle conventionally. Very few approaches being put to transform the process that effectively copes with technological advancement.

This is the key reason why I chose to join the International MBA at NTHU, not only to deepen my knowledge in business management in general but also to seize the most current technological perspective, in hopes that soon I can introduce a new approach that can challenge the industry. As one of the best campuses in Taiwan, NTHU's expertise in technology and connection with Taiwan's top-notch technology industry players, mixed with the dynamic offerings of the IMBA program, is the greatest combination for me. The diversity of students in this program also help enrich our perspective on facing any business cases, as we come from many parts of the world with its own stories, ideas, and insights. By studying here, I hope that it can help to develop my future career aspirations, as well as build up my entrepreneurial spirit through technological advancement, which is always sought by industries globally.