Clubs and Activities

As one of the best universities in Taiwan and one of the tops in Asia, NTHU and its business program has attracted students from all six continents of the world. Beside regular classroom studies and school clubs and activities, we have been conducting many dedicated events just for our IMBA students. All events that students participating inside or outside campus are not only to support their development as future business leaders but also the opportunities of quenching their curiosity by trying something new. And here are some of the events in the last year: 

  • BenQ CEO IMBA Speech (sharing information and his views on company products, corporate culture, personal education experience, strategical business knowledge)
  • Lockheed Martin (Taiwan) CEO Speech (sharing his expertise with Lockheed Martin’s modern technologies, products, and international business developments)
  • China Airline Company Visit (getting insightful experience and knowledge on how a big international airliner business operated)
  • Taiwan ICDF Cultural Trip (visiting Agape house, a local Christianity addiction treatment center in Hualian; and participating Dong Hua University sports game event)
  • Chinese Cultural Experiences (including Chinese Calligraphy, Dragon Boat Festival flower art of arrangement, and Chinese ink painting workshops)
  • Rural Services and Experience for Primary School (interacting with some local children in a remote area)
  • Blueprint hand-made book Workshop
  • Legal lectures (gender issues, academic ethics, traffic safety)
  • Mid-Autumn Festival International Student BBQ Party

These activities provided an eyes-open experience for many international students, and they help to build bonds among the group for better class teamwork and future business networking.

At National Tsing Hua University students have a chance to join a wide range of clubs. At the moment we have around 150 of them. You can choose among sport clubs, music clubs, social clubs, art clubs. However the alternatives do not end there. And if you have an idea for something even more exciting, you can always create your own club!