[2022 Summer Break] Business Simulation Competition

????‍????????‍???? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who would like to gain an experience running your own business without any risks involved? The 2022 Summer Business Simulation is here for you! ????
A group of NTHU IMBA alumni and business lecturer are bringing to you an English and international business environment competition. The competition will be experienced entirely online, through a virtual business simulation platform, preceded by an initial online training session. The 2022 Summer Business Simulation will push you and your teammates to experience challenges, learn through failures and therefore, also act as a tool to ready oneself to successfully take on a real business in the real world.
???? What is a Business Simulation?
A business simulation goes beyond the textbook by providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a hands-on, a realistic and interactive learning experience of running a company without any risks attached. Participants of the 2022 Summer Business Simulation competition can therefore expect to gain an experience of running a business as well as broaden their scope in terms of improving business acumen, decision making and business finance skills. Ultimately, the 2022 Summer Business Simulation is here to help set you and your teammates up for success in the real world!
If you're interested in the 2022 Summer Business Simulation, please fill out the survey and get the latest information about the event: https://forms.gle/yozyUzoGTwsQrMF66