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International MBA, College of Technology Management

ICDF information

Q: When I going to the embassy, what process or procedures should be done? 

Please refer to TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program. Once you are admitted, you have to submit the official notarized diploma and transcripts to NTHU. Please refer to the NTHU OGA.

Q: Can I apply for two TaiwanICDF programs simultaneously?

One applicant can only apply for ONE TaiwanICDF program once a year, but it is fine to apply for more than one NTHU programs/departments at the same time.

Q: Whether the scholarship in this program will be available next year in case my application to this scholarship is not able to complete within the deadline suggested.

If you are not able to complete the application this year, you could apply again next year.


IMBA program information

Q: What is the differences between International MBA program and IMBA in Technology Management program?

There are two programs in IMBA, which share the same faculties, courses and resources, but with different scholarship holders. Besides, it is suggested to apply for both programs simultaneously!

l   International MBA program (Regular IMBA): Applicants who are admitted can apply for other scholarships provided by NTHU, government institutions, or private organizations.

l   IMBA in Technology Management program: Applicants who are admitted will be TaiwanICDF scholarship recipients.

Q: The application system suggests to apply both IMBA program simultaneously. The ICDF scholarship is my priority. What is suggested in this case? Applying to the regular IMBA program will reduce my chances of getting admitted to the IMBA in Technology Management, or be awarded with the ICDF scholarship?

In case of not receiving TaiwanICDF scholarship, the applicant still has a chance to be accepted by International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) program, and apply for other scholarships provided by NTHU, government institutions, or private organizations. About other scholarships, you can refer to:

Q: Where can I find more details on the curriculum of this course including required and selective subjects.

Regarding to the program and curriculum, please refer to IMBA website.


Application form

Q: Are the application requirements the same for BOTH International MBA program, and IMBA in Technology Management program?

The application requirements are different between the programs. Please refer to this link to know more details.

Q: Do I need to submit both NTHU application form and IMBA-ICDF application form to NTHU Online Application System?

All the applicants must submit both forms. NTHU application form will be generated by NTHU online application system. Besides, IMBA-ICDF application form is the specific requirement for IMBA in Technology Management program.



Q: My diploma is a bachelor degree, which was issued in Spanish, but the translated document doesn’t show the word "Bachelor", would it be accepted?

According to the NTHU regulation, NTHU only accept the diploma of bachelor degree or the degree equivalent to bachelor degree. Please provide a proof or letter in English from your university that stated clearly the diploma you hold is equivalent to bachelor degree.

Q: Where should I authenticate my documents (i.e. school’s transcripts and degree diploma)?

Please go to ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office/Taiwan Technical Mission or project representative in your country or the nearest ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office.


Study plan

Q: I am confused that it is written that it should be no more than one page for study plan. However, I also found that the maximum is three pages on NTHU website admission section. 

The maximum page of study plan for apply our program, IMBA in Technology Management program (with TaiwanICDF scholarship), is ONE page, but for apply IMBA, the maximum page is three.

Q: Is there any fixed format for study plan?

There’s no fixed format. Applicants can briefly introduce their background and connect it to their motivation, short-term study goal, and finally long-term career plan. It’s also important to let us know how the program provided in NTHU would help you achieve your career development.


Recommendation letter

Q: Do the recommendation letters need to be only professor? If not, could I apply the letters from manager/employer who could describe well on how successful I am from my work experience instead?

There’s no fixed format. Please key in your 2 referees’ e-mail on the application form. Once your online application is submitted, the system will automatically send a notice with the link of online recommendation to your referees. Applicants can confirm if your referees have completed the online recommendation by logging in the application system.

In addition to, the preferable referees are faculty members who can evaluate your academic qualifications, work excellence, and research potential.

Q: I wrote out three references and only one submitted, I have tried following up with the people I listed as references but they have indicated that they have not received any email about the recommendation. I have resent the recommendation email several times to the listed references with no luck.

First of all, please confirm with the referees that they did submit the files to NTHU Online Application System.

If there is still any system technical problems, please contact with Miss Chan (, the staff of NTHU Online Application System, and describe your problems and provide your application number to her.

Q: I am unable to receive reference letters from my referees which is making it difficult for me to finish my online application. What can I do for it?

As the applicants, you won't receive the reference letters, but you could check whether your referees had submitted them or not from the Online Application System. Basically, your referees would receive the invitations for writing you the letters through the system. Once the referees had uploaded the letters, you might check the application status is done.

It is suggested you that confirm with your referees whether did they had uploaded the letters or not. Then, you might check your application status, again. If there is any system technical problems, please contact with Miss Chan (, the staff of NTHU Online Application System, and describe your problems in detail, but also provide your application number.


Financial statement

Q: I’m applying TaiwanICDF scholarship, and it’s difficult for me to provide Financial Certificate, what should I do?

All applicants are required to provide financial proof that shows financial sustainability (Minimum TWD 120,000) for study in Taiwan. If you cannot provide the documents to prove your financial sustainability, please take TaiwanICDF scholarship application form (which is generated by the TaiwanICDF application system) as proof.


Declaration form

Q: Regarding the required document “Declaration form”, would you please suggest where I can get this form? 

The declaration form will be generated by the online application system. Besides, it can be find from this link as well.


English proficiency

Q: I graduated from a bachelor's degree in a program which is completely taught in English. Do I need to submit any materials or documents to prove my English proficiency?

If the courses you took in university were all taught in English, you may submit a letter from your University/ academic institute clearly stated your English level is equivalent to the ones we ask for.

As the requirements of English proficiency certificate, please refer to IMBA English Proficiency Chart. It is highly suggested you to take TOFEL or IELTS as the English proficiency certificate.

Q: For IELTS, is it require General IELTS or Academic IELTS?

Regarding to the English proficiency certificates, please take Academic IELTS.


Work experience

Q: I have looked on the website and found that a work experience certificate is preferable. Can I also apply for the ICDF scholarship without any work experience?

Individuals holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university who have at least two years of work experiences are preferable for application. However, work experiences are preferable for our program but not required.


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