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International MBA, College of Technology Management

IMBA students are required to register fulltime for at least two years, but no more than 4 years. A minimum of 45 credits for courses plus 4 credits for master's thesis  are required for graduation from the IMBA program.


Requirement for graduation: 49 credits  


  • Core courses (27 credits)
  • Elective courses (18 credits)
  • Master's thesis (4 credits)
  • Mandarin Chinese 

NOTES: (Below is the new requirements which is implemented since 2017 Fall enrollment)

1. International students must complete 4 credits of Mandarin Chinese within the first year.

For more information of Mandarin course, please check the link: Course List (CLC).


2. International students have to pass TOCFL, Band A (Level 1) before graduation.


3.Graduated credits have been adjusted from 52 to 49 in total (included 4 credits for thesis).





IMBA Course Map

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Course List for each semester

Course list of 2018 SpringCourse list of 2017 Fall /Course list of 2017 Spring/ Course list of 2016 Fall/ Course list of 2016 Spring


★ For more information of courses, please refer to the website of Division of Curriculum.