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International MBA, College of Technology Management

IMBA students are required to register fulltime for at least two years, but no more than 4 years. A minimum of 45 credits for courses plus 4 credits for master's thesis  are required for graduation from the IMBA program.



Requirement for graduation: 49 credits  


  • Core courses (27 credits)
  • Elective courses (18 credits)
  • Master's thesis (4 credits)

*We encourage international students to take Mandarin Chinese courses.

*Total course credits will be changed to 44 (Adapted for 2020 enrollment)

--Last edited date: July 3rd, 2019.



Core courses:

All IMBA students receive a fundamental training in the basic tools and concepts for management in the first year. A core curriculum provides the student with the background for the advanced study in professional fields.

The core curriculum in the first year MBA program consists of 9 courses (27 credits) in fundamental areas. 



Elective courses:

Beyond the 9 required core courses, the curriculum is flexible and broad. Basically 2-3 courses in each specialty are provided every semester.

IMBA students are free to select two or three programs from the following 6 specialties, and each program requires at least two courses to fulfill as a major. For an IMBA student receiving TaiwanICDF scholarship, Technology Management program is mandatory.