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International MBA, College of Technology Management

Here at NTHU, there's a wide variety of activities or events for you to choose from to know more about the cultures of other countries or people around you. Or, merely just to get rid of the stressful classes for a while and recharge yourself to be well-prepared for the study. 

Activities and events are mostly organized by the university (Division of General Student Affairs) and the IMBA program. Enjoy yourself and have fun year round!

University Activities and Events:

Time Activity or Event
September Orientation
October Indian Diwali Festival
November Sports Day
December Christmas Party
April Cultural Trips for Spring Break
April International Weeks
April/ May Job Fair
May/ June Dragon Boat Festival
June Commencement for Graduating Class

 IMBA Activities and Events

Time Activity or Event
September IMBA Orientation
October/ November Company Visits (if available)
December Winter Solstice Festival/ Christmas Party
April/ May Company Visits (if available)
June Commencement for Graduating Class